The Kidney Liver Connection: How to Keep Them Both Healthy

kidney liverThe connection between kidney and liver health has become more clear to nutritionists and medical professions in recent years. They have begun to appreciate and recognize a kidney-liver relationship that impacts overall health and metabolism.

Individuals who have a kidney or liver condition benefit from a diet that takes both organs into consideration, especially when it comes to protein intake.

Both the kidneys and liver play a role in processing food and fluids we put in our bodies. The liver helps digest protein, and kidneys help remove the waste that's left over from protein digestion.

We have to have protein because it maintains muscles, builds resistance to infections, and repairs body tissues. But too much protein can affect kidney and liver function in a negative way because protein is one of the most difficult nutrients for the liver and kidneys to process. Both organs have to work when a lot of protein enters the digestive system. Therefore if either organ is not functioning properly, the other organ will be impacted.

It's important to work with your doctor, and possibly a nutritionist, to find a good balance of foods in your diet that contain protein.This requires some effort, since protein that comes from animal products is different from protein that comes from plants. Animal products are higher in protein, but it is considered "complete" protein. Protein from plants is considered "incomplete." In other words, protein isn't just a matter of quantity. It's a matter of quality too. This is why you need a doctor or nutritionist to help you figure out what's bets for you.

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