Kidney Liver Cleanse And Flush

What To Eat to Keep Your Liver and Kidneys Clean

A kidney liver cleanse and flush doesn't really require any special compounds, supplements or formulas.

Maintaining kidney liver health is more a matter of eating the right things everyday. Most docotrs will tell you, you don't need to cleanse your kidneys and liver if you just maintain good nutritional habits most of the time.

This article contains some guidelines for a healthy kidney liver diet.

As mentioned in our article on kidney liver health, your body needs protein. So understand your kidneys and liver will do best with a "low protein" diet--not a "no preotein" diet. Your doctor is your best guide for information on the right amount of protein for you.

kidney liver cleanse and flushGenerally speaking, most people thrive on 35 to 60 grams a day, depending on their physique. If you're short and slim, you'll obviously need less than someone who's tall and muscular.

Here are some general guidlines for a selected number of popular foods.

Hamburger patty, 4 oz = 28 grams protein

Steak, 6 oz = 42 grams

Chicken breast, 3.5 oz = 30 grams protein

Chicken drumstick = 11 grams

Most fish fillets or steaks are about 40 grams of protein for each 6 oz serving

Pork chop = 22 grams protein

Ham, 3 oz serving = 19 grams

Large egg = 6 grams protein

Milk, 1 cup = 8 grams

Cottage cheese, cup = 30 grams

Most beans (black, pinto, lentils, etc) about 7-10 grams protein per half cup of cooked beans

Peanut butter, 2 Tablespoons - 8 grams protein

Almonds, cup = 32 grams

Peanuts, cup = 36 grams

Cashews, cup = 20 grams

kidney liver cleanseIt's best to spread your protein intake evenly across all your meals. Too much protein in one sitting can strain your liver and especially your kidneys Also keep in mind that as you cut down on protein, you'll also cut down on calories, which also has some obvious health benefits.

Once again, eat smart - as described in this article - and a special kidney liver cleanse or flush will become unnecessary.


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