Kidney Health Videos

This is where you'll find links to a variety of high quality videos on the topic of kidney and urinary health offered on YouTube.

General Kidney Information

Kidney Function Overview of the kidneys and how they filter blood and reabsorb water and other molecular substances. This excellent introductory video is 18 minutes long. 

Anatomy of a Kidney This short video explains kidney anatomy, including some of the important parts of the organ.

How to Improve Kidney Function Kidney specialist Dr. Sean Hashmi discusses the biggest challenges to healthy kidney function: high blood pressure, obesity and poor diet. Dr. Hashmi also describes the dangers of certain supplements.

Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones - the Basics In this 4 minute video, Dr. Amy E. Krambeck, Mayo Clinic Urologic Surgeon, talks informally the causes, symptoms and treatment options for kidney stones. She also covers three promient surgery procedures designed to treat stones.

Preventing Kidney Stones Dr. Jennifer Ashton discussed kidney stone symptoms, treatments and how to avoid them. Produced by CBS.

Preventing Kidney Stones With Diet and Nutrition Christine E. Marquette, a registered and licensed dietitian in Austin, Texas, describes different kinds of kidney stones and how certain foods contribute to their formation.

Kidney Stone Formation How kidney stones form. Dr. Barry Ramo explains for KOAT News in Albuquerque, NM.

Kidney Stone Removal This graphic video shows the actual removal of a kidney stone. Caution: Some viewers may feel a degree of discomfort when viewing this clip.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (EWSL) This video explains extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy as a way to remove kidney stones without invasive surgery.

Kidney Stone Treatment and Lithotripsy Another, more detailed explanation of lithotripsy, including video of the equipment used for the procedure. 9 minutes, narrated by an MD.

How Does Lithotripsy Work? Using shock wave therapy to break up kidney stones without invasive surgery.

Lithotripsy Demonstration - Breaking Up A Kidney Stone Dr. Bowles demonstrates how extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy breaks up a kidney stone. A peppermint is used instead of a real kidney stone.

Kidney Failure

Explaining Kidney Failure An informative video on end stage renal disease that not only explains how the kidney work, but what happens when they fail - and why they fail. The narrator covers diseases and other health challenges that contribute of kidney failure.

Kidney Disease, Kidney Stones and Diabetes Questions This video is part of a Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend. Dr. James McCarthy took a few moments to answer several important questions about 1) diabetes and kidney disease, and 2) kidney stones.

Kidney Dialysis

What Is Hemodialysis? This 2 minute video explains what hemodialysis is, how it's done and why it helps.

What Does a Kidney Dialysis Access Look Like? Video of actual dialysis access, including fistula, hemodialysis catheter and a peritoneal dialysis catheter. Differences between dialysis done in a clinic and dialysis done at home.

Kidney Dialysis Survival Rates and Quality of Life Several health care professionals discuss the factors that influence the lifespan of patients on dialysis.

Kidney Infections

Kidney and Urinary Tract Infections This short but description video uses animation to describe how kidney and urinary tract infections occur.  

Kidney Infection Symptoms This video tells you how kidney infections can cause pus or blood in the urine with help from a nurse.

Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer Can Surprise You This video, produced by the Mayo Clinic, tells the story of a woman who discovered she had a huge tumor on one of her kidneys. A Mayo Clinic doctor explains what had to be done next.

Surviving Kidney Cancer The Mayo Clinic produced this video, which tells the story of a man who successfully battled kidney cancer, and how he did it.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease This video, produced by the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation, describes what polycystic kidney disease is and how you get it. 

Kidney Transplantation

Mayo Clinic Kidney Transplantation Video Dr Raymond Heilman, Medical Director of the kidney transplant program for the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, provides an overview of several kidney transplant procedures. Discussed are the living donor type and paired donor exchanges. He also provides insights on what a kidney donor should expect, including quality of life issues.

Kidney Transplant Patient Perspective A patient who underwent a kidney transplant offers his thoughts on his successful surgery. This video is especially valuable in showing prospective kidney transplant patients what to expect.

Kidney Transplant Patient's Story This video from UCLA tells the story of another patient's kidney transplant procedure. The kidney was donated by her brother. The video includes comments from the patient herself, her brother, and her medical team.