Kidney Problem

Kidney Problem Issues Can Be Life Threatening

kidney-problemA kidney problem may never happen to you. Many people go through life without ever suffering a kidney problem. But anyone who has had to live with kidney stones, a chronic kidney infection, or kidney cancer knows how such conditions can impact everyday living.

A kidney problem can even be life threatening.

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The kidneys are bean-shaped organs that are located inside the body, near the bottom of the rib cage. There's one on each side.

A kidney is brownish-red in color, and it's primary function is to filter waste materials and toxins from the blood. It does this by producing urine.

A kidney's function is to produce certain hormones related to keeping bones strong and healthy, and helping with the creation of certain red blood cells. When it fails to perform these functions, a kidney problem arises.

"Renal" is a term that's often used by medical professionals in relation to kidney problems and symptoms in human beings.

When you have a kidney problem, it's often because toxins build up which impair your kidney's proper functioning. This causes fluids to accumulate, reduces the production of red blood cells and can trigger a dangerous rise in blood pressure.

The most common kidney problems include the following.

Kidney stones  A kidney stone is a pebble-like substance. Kidney stones form in the urinary tract from crystals that are typically present in urine. These crystals build up inside the kidney and eventually begin to work their way down into the ureters. Kidney stones can cause extreme pain in the flank or lower area of the back. 

Kidney infection There are several different kinds of kidney infections. Generally these infections actually develop when germs from the bladder travel upwards to the kidneys and begin to grow in numbers.

Kidney disease Kidney disease results from a number of causes, but generally speaking, it occurs when there is damage to the nephrons. Nephrons are the structures that filter blood. 

Kidney cancer Several different types of cancer can develop in the kidneys from a variety of causes. These are discussed in detail, along with symptoms of kidney cancer and treatment options.

Kidney failure This is the most serious kidney problem because it may require kidney surgery or removal, kidney dialysis, or in the most serious cases, kidney transplantation.

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